29th September 2022

Arena Group expands UK and Europe division for Commercial, Industrial, TV & Film Structures

The Arena Group is expanding its capability in the UK and Europe with a specialist division to support industrial, commercial, military, healthcare, Film & TV clients, with temporary infrastructure.


COVID test centre in foreground with cruise ship in the background

COVID test centre at port for cruise ships

Building on the success of the Company’s divisions in the Middle East and the Americas, Arena can offer clients a range of temporary building technology, design and logistical expertise gained with brands such as TESLA, Amazon and Fockers.

Commercial and Industrial Structures Manager, based in Arena’s UK St Ives office, Kevin Irons, is delighted to build on the company’s previous international successes and explains:
“The Covid -19 pandemic impacted Arena Group’s activity in the live events sector but became the catalyst to create opportunities to support medical and military sectors, which are services the company is now focused on. This included supplying facilities to expand NHS capacity for test and vaccination centres, along with international military disaster relief structures, from temporary accommodation for the services to quarantine structures for refugees, at a time of global emergency.

“Semi-permanent venues give users many advantages, including flexibility to change their location, react quickly to changes in business, or implement growth with reduced risk. Not needing bespoke permanent foundations reduces the speed of installation to weeks rather than months for a traditional building.

“These buildings are sometimes used on a short-term rental, commonly in place for a year or two, while beyond that it makes more sense for the client to buy the structure. In the case of our longest-standing temporary structure, the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre (MFCC) in Malta, the venue has been such a success, it is still a busy venue at the heart of the island, 16 years on.”

Arena Group supplied the 8,500 sqm structure, to create the MFCC, a flexible cultural venue hosting exhibitions, concerts, conferences and theatre shows, becoming the company’s longest-standing structure.

Kevin continues:

“Many of Arena’s temporary structures go on-site for events lasting several weeks, such as The Open, Wimbledon Championships, The Grand National or Chelsea Flower Show. We have supplied temporary TV studios that have incorporated ice rinks, that drew on the engineering and logistical expertise we apply to our sporting, music and cultural shorter-term rentals.

“Commercial projects such as supplying Balfour Beatty with a 4,500 sqm structure for an archaeological dig on a transport construction project, highlighted the benefit of being able to install a significant building in just 30 days, which could be moved around the site across the next 12 months.”

With a great portfolio of experience to build on, Arena is future-focused, aiming to be the go-to provider for temporary structures in the UK and Europe. With divisions in the UK, USA, Dubai, Malaysia and Hong Kong, Arena operates with more than 300 supply chain partners globally ensuring a reliable supply chain. With a distinctive, high standard of product and service delivery Arena further commits to delivering excellence through their Arena Standard and has resulted in long-standing relationships throughout the world.

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