Arena Group’s Middle East & Asia division was contracted directly by Saudi Aramco to manage the entire temporary overlay of the Ithra Knowledge Program.

Organised by Saudi Arabia’s largest natural fuel company, Saudi Aramco, the Ithra Knowledge Program aims to inspire and educate with cultural, scientific, music and art exhibits and performances. The popular event is in its second year and was previously known as the Saudi Aramco Cultural Program.

Arena Group’s work included the construction of the only theatre on the east coast of Saudi Arabia; a stunning 14m dome structure with 1,000 of Arena Group’s patented clearview™ seats, offering supreme comfort and style and mathematically-proven sightlines. The installation comprises full interior fit out, stage and dressing rooms.

An additional 11,000sqm of temporary structures have been installed by Arena Group to house other exhibits such as interactive shows exploring Islamic and Arab heritage, a Traffic Safety Village, art contests, an Energy Efficient Pavilion, a mobile art gallery, and the 101 Inventions that Changed the World showcase.