Events services for a variety of live television and film events and shows

We design, supply and rent a variety of seating options for television studios, bespoke designed accordingly with client needs.

Designers and structural engineers ensure the seating delivered meets the client needs and indeed British standards. Seats are always designed with comfort and ease of access in mind, audience intention of use and the size/height of the structure we are working within. We also deliver a variety of crowd control solutions such as fencing and barriers at TV Premieres.

We have worked in some of the most prestigious TV studios, delivering seating and/or fencing and barriers for The Voice, League of their Own, BGT, X Factor, Taskmaster, Million Pound Drop, Take me Out, Celebrity Juice, National Television Awards, and Brit Awards as well as the BFI Film Festival.

We get the job done quickly and discreetly, ensuring business can continue as usual.

Why choose Arena to deliver your next Television event?
People - World Class Design Team

A team of creative, talented designers, project managers and engineers will manage your project from concept through to completion, ensuring the best view is achieved.

Arena Standard

Every event is designed and delivered to our distinctive high standard which is known as the ‘Arena Standard’.

Health & Safety

Our professional approach to health and safety is at the heart of what we do.

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