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If you want a very efficient space, quick assembly, and easy connection to other structures, look no further than the Alu Hall. If your business needs extra space to help you expand or deal with an emergency, Alu Hall is ideal.

Alu Hall is available in three versions, with an eave height of 2.9m, 3.8m or 5.4m. It’s a large, highly flexible space that can be installed very quickly. It’s very simple, with an easily constructed aluminum A-frame and fireproof PVC walls. It’s also completely open inside, with no supports to get in your way or disrupt the flow of movement.

The Alu Hall can be fitted with an integral cassette flooring system. External walling options include soft PVC standard translucent to maximise light, opaque to provide total black-out or crystal, perfect for optimising a view or feature or solid plastic panels to give a more permanent feel.

Suitable for:
  • Short & Long-Term Storage
  • Office & Media Space
  • Temporary Restaurant
  • Temporary Supermarket
  • Garden Centres
  • Warehousing
  • Cafes
  • Shops
  • Classrooms and auditorium
  • Canteens
Key features

It's spacious. Width ranging from 8 to 25 metre and length can be extended in 5-metre increments. The clear span (no intrusive supports) allow for maximum internal space

It's fast. Alu Hall can be constructed in days, so if you need space in an emergency, it’s ideal

It’s flexible. You can choose the walls, doors and floor that suit you

It’s robust. Alu Hall stands up to any weather and is completely fireproof

Rigid white wall panels for a seamless finish

It's customisable. We can install a floor system, different types of doors and entrance points and additional insulation if required

Garden Centre Extension
Merchandise Store Extension

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