Temporary structure with a permanent feel and fantastic range of roof spans 

Protect your goods and equipment from the British weather with a TFS structure. The unique product design of the TFS offers an impressive structure with the fabric tensioned in both horizontal and vertical directions to create a clean taut finish, with black PVC inside and silver finish outside.

The TFS is a spectacular structure consisting of a patented modular foldable truss system. The low pitch of the roof offers to users a rational inner volume to maximize storage or exhibition and promotion space. TFS can span from 10m up to 50m without columns. The building has a standard cleared height under the truss of 7,2m but can be delivered with any measurement from 5 to 13m columns.

Truss profile is made off European aircraft aluminum 6061T6 fully CNC machined for a perfect fitting, assembly, and patented foldable system. Side columns can be either aluminum or steel depending on the architectural details and application. Truss legs are also used for building higher than 8m.  The foldable, patented truss system ensures low costs for transport and construction. The building is offered with insulated sandwich panels and an insulated thermoroof.  Doors and windows can be installed individually.  I-Novation can be completely disassembled and relocated.

The TFS meets any industrial building requirement you might have, it’s a temporary structure with a permanent feel.

Suitable for:
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • High Bay Warehousing
  • Production and Distribution Centres
  • Indoor Sports Hall
  • Theatres
  • Leisure Centres
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Distribution Centres
  • Live Events
  • TV-Studios
Key features

Span from 10m to 50m

Ideal for permanent applications as they are incredibly durable (lifespan of over 20 years!), so suitable for aircraft hangars and warehousing

Environmentally Friendly: insulated with natural lighting reducing electricity costs

Re-locatable - 100% dismountable, adaptable and relocatable

Gable heights offer a versatile area to display graphic designs & branding

Quick and simple construction as no foundations are required

Sound and heat insulation

Flexible Gable panels – they can be fully blackout or partially translucent to let in a selected amount of natural light

Variety of access options - Roller shutter doors or double glazed/emergency

Option for Mezzanine floors

Aircraft Storage - Hanger
TFS Temporary Building
TFS Art Gallery
TFS Theatre

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