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A unique solution for semi-permanent modular structures.

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Innovation at its best

At Arena Middle East, we introduce our innovative and versatile product, the Arena Super Deck. Designed to meet the demands of contemporary architecture, it offers a unique solution for creating semi-permanent modular structures.

Key USPs of Semi-Permanent Structures:

1.Sustainability: Arena Super Deck is completely reusable, creating no environmental impact on the original site.
2.Relocatable: The adjustable leg heights of the subframe perfectly accommodate uneven ground, and the leveling base plate system can be adjusted to create perfectly level platforms.
3.Flexible: Despite its modular nature, each building design is considered unique and therefore structural engineering calculations are studied for each individual building based on design, usage and licensing regulations in the relevant location.

The Arena Super Deck caters to a wide range of applications. What sets it apart is its commitment to sustainability, leaving no waste or environmental damage before, during, or after your event.