Arena Group’s project management expertise was used in association with Losberger on Deodoro, one of the largest sporting venues at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

The Arena / Losberger collaboration combined resources and expertise, drawing on previous Olympic Games experience to construct 40,000sqm of temporary event structures for the 11 venues at Deodoro, which hosted sports including field hockey, modern pentathlon and basketball.

The 536 structures ranged from 3m to 30m in span, used as everything from accommodation for athletes and referees, to canteens, warm-up areas, physiotherapy suites, technology centres and even horse stalls. Austria House was one of the highly themed venues at the Summer Olympics 2016, showcasing Austrian culture through food and music.

The Arena/Losberger consortium also supplied and installed around 10,000 seats for the temporary grandstands where fans watched whitewater sports, mountain and BMX biking, along with security gates for team buses and outside broadcast vehicles.