Harlequin were asked to work on the 2016 Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) as no venue in the UAE could provide enough space for the event.

Working with client DMG, Harlequin was able to provide an additional 8,400sqm of temporary exhibition space, contributing to making this the world’s largest oil and gas conference.

In  addition to the exhibition space was the Middle East Petroleum Club (MEPC) which is a key focus for the event and was where Harlequin demonstrated their full capabilities.

A 40m x 210m ATS structure was used to create additional exhibition space and two 10m x 45m Aluhall and one 20m x 35m Aluhall were constructed in a U-shape to create the Middle East Petroleum Club, with the total footprint of MEPC totalling nearly 2,700sqm.

The installation time was two weeks and included full high-end interior fit out, furniture. cooling technology and bespoke elements which included a water feature in the central courtyard area.6sqm of MEPC with full high end interior fit out, furniture, cooling and bespoke elements, for example a water feature in the central courtyard area.

The event ran for four days, but the planning began three to for months prior to the event. It’s an event which has grown over the years, with Harlequin supplying a 900sqm hospitality area in 2012 up to one now more than 2,600sqm in size.

Harlequin designed and sourced new furniture to meet the requirements of this event, as well as using existing stock furniture. Large bespoke lighting features and freestanding walls were made especially for the event.