Harlequin Arena, who supply world-class event infrastructure across the Middle East, delivered its largest Ramadan installation of 2017, a bespoke temporary structure for a major tourist board in the region.

The brief was to provide one large main structure that would be used for Ifta and Suhoor, the meals at the start and the end of the day which are vital to Muslims as they observe the holy month of Ramadan.

Harlequin Arena also supplied interiors, furniture and temperature controlling technology to complement the structure.

The main structure, a 20m by 70m Arcus, was complemented with smaller 7m by 5m by 5m canopies for prayer rooms, shisha, storage, dressing rooms and staff rest areas.

A temporary kitchen structure, housed in a 10m by 15m Aluhall structure, was also constructed as all the food consumed during the month of Ramadan needed to be prepared and cooked on site.

One element that had been specified by the client was to come up with a new look and feel for the sturcture, so the account manager assigned to this project spent four months making sure they were happy with the final concept, which took three weeks to install.

All accessories, including contemporary event furniture, were supplied by Harlequin Arena, including large bespoke ceiling features, which were designed internally by Harlequin’s team, entrance water fountains and large private Majlis (meeting room) areas.