The ultimate in comfort seating options

Upholstered seating products to offer the ultimate in comfort, the most optimum views of the action and available in a range of configurations.

Various ranges to choose from, in different styles that complement any event structure.



Congress is the flagship option of Arena’s VIP upholstered seating range. Give your audience or guests a comfortable upholstered vantage point for your conference, exhibition or outdoor grandstand.

  • Generous 560mm wide seat centres 
  • Fully upholstered 
  • Individual ‘soft feel’ arm rests 
  • Integral control positions 
  • Fully carpeted surfaces 
  • Multiple configurations available including ‘in the round’ 
  • Flat or tiered configurations 
  • Quick to install and remove 
  • Available to buy and hire



In Style

Our In Style seat is a great option for exhibition and conference organisers, product launches and television studios.  It’s comfortable, configurable and is an attractive seating option, very aesthetically pleasing and quick to install and remove.

  • Tip-up seats upholstered in Black Camborne Tweed fabric
  • Vast range of flexible configurations
  • Carpeted walkways
  • Control platforms
  • Timber or steel staircases
  • 45° corner units for ‘in the round’ layouts
  • Rapid installation and removal
  • In Style seats can be integrated into standard seating arrangements, ideal for VIP or press areas
  • Available to buy and hire



The Diplomat is the mid-range product of our upholstered temporary seating range. It can be customised with a range of finishes and accessories to suit your event, such as branded headrests or cinema style drinks holders. Perfect for temporary conferences or exhibitions, sports grandstands, TV studios or media seating.  Diplomat provides your delegates or guests with the comfort and aesthetics demanded in a prestigious environment.

  • Fully upholstered in Camborne Tweed 
  • Shared arm rests 
  • Generous legroom of 463mm clearway 
  • Powder coated bespoke designed hands 
  • Integral control positions 
  • Multiple configurations available including ‘in the round’ 
  • Fully carpeted surfaces 
  • Flat or tiered configurations or a combination of both 
  • Fast installation and removal 
  • Available to buy and hire


clearview™ is our patented, reconfigurable, demountable seating grandstand which is proven to provide the best possible sightline from every seat. Initially designed as a temporary seating system, clearview™ has evolved to be used by permanent venues looking to provide the utmost in customer experience.

  • Fast installation with no permanent construction required
  • Wider access and egress than standard seating systems for higher levels of safety and comfort
  • Optimum c-values (international measurement for sight lines) from every seat
  • Option of eight different riser heights in one system
  • Inherent stability, ergonomic seats and extreme durability
  • Flexible and cost-effective solution
  • Reconfigurable and can be added to with additional stock
  • The look and feel of permanent
  • Available to buy and hire

Why choose our Conference Seating?

We do more than simply supply your seating products, you will have access to a team of knowledgeable , talented individuals ready to support you in making the right choice of conference seating product for your needs.

  • 90+ dedicated, experienced professionals working in our Seating team
  • Access to in-house CAD design team and engineers waiting to deliver solutions
  • A track record in seating spanning over 55 years
  • Health and Safety accreditations in check
  • An unrivalled range of flat, covered and tiered seating options
  • Seating options suitable for both venues and events

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