Superb acoustics, heating and a permanent feel

Modular truss based I-Novation temporary building has widened your choice when it comes to choosing a flexible, more permanent feeling structure. With spans from 15m to 50m available it gives more options for design and fit-out teams to adapt the space to suit your requirements.

Why choose I-Novation?

Leg heights of 8m or 13m, coupled with much greater roof-loading capacities and a low roof pitch optimise inner volume, maximising internal space to give more scope to create more varied temporary venues incorporating the contemporary space frame design. I-Novation building materials also give improved thermal and acoustic properties, adding to the benefits for exhibition pavilions and promotion spaces.

The structure’s interior can be split between open atrium spaces or divided into mezzanines, with the option for outdoor balconies. I-Novation is fast to build, with no foundations required, and designed to be simple to install. Truss profiles are made of European aircraft aluminium 6061T6, fully CNC machined for a perfect fitting patented foldable system. Side columns can be either aluminium or steel depending on the architectural details and application.

  • 100% dismountable, adaptable and relocatable, feel of a permanent building
  • Superb acoustic and thermal properties
  • Look and feel of a permanent structure
  • Can be divided into different interior sections
  • Temperature control solutions available

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