Temporary structure with a permanent feel and range of roof spans 

The TFS (Tensioned Fabric Structure) is our spectacular venue that comes in a range of sizes and meets any event need you might have. 

The unique product design of the TFS offers an impressive structure with the fabric tensioned in both horizontal and vertical directions to create a clean taut finish, with black PVC inside and silver finish outside. 

Why choose TFS?

Available in 30m, 40m and 50m spans, with a peak height of up to 17 metres, it’s a temporary structure with a permanent feel. 

Our experience to date shows that once you switch to TFS, you never return to a more conventional option. Once the gables have been fitted access to the building can be through either roller shutter doors or double glazed/emergency doors at any location of the building. 

 There are three size options: 50m wide (offering a central height of 17.19m), 40m wide (with a central height of 14.86m) and 30m wide (with a height of 11.56m). 

A number of different entrance structures can further enhance the experience of the TFS.

  • The sheer size of the structure and the flexibility of size 
  • Wind movement, normally associated with widespan traditional Alu Halls eliminated – no rattling from hard wall panels 
  • Gable heights offer a versatile area to display graphic designs for advertising – this service can be arranged internally 
  • Constructed with one crane, therefore, reducing the risk of site damage 
  • Far quicker erection time, therefore CDM and building regulations do not normally apply 
  • All structures conform to British, European and American standards for stability and fire safety 
  • Ideal for permanent applications, such as indoor tennis courts, aircraft hangars and warehousing 
  • Gable panels can be fully blackout or partially translucent to let in a selected amount of natural light 
  • Overall height offers the opportunity to supply mezzanine floors 
  • Secondary membrane to further improve sound and heat insulation 

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