Elegant, Seamless, Panoramic View

The newly created Vista structure is a stunning combination of Arena’s expertise and innovation to create the perfect temporary event solution suitable for sporting events, concerts, media & commentary boxes, broadcasting and bespoke hospitality events.

The Vista, features dark grey framed, vertical glass panels delivering a seamless, panoramic viewing experience like no other. The Vista is highly versatile and can be customised in numerous other ways to meet any brief, offering excellent interior branding and promotional opportunities.

Key Features

Vertical angled glass panels for optimised panoramic viewing capacity

Patio sliding doors, electric sliding doors, roller shutter doors

Scalable in 5 meter units – easy to implement additions

Fully customisable design with bespoke, striking branding solutions

Can be elevated on top of an existing structure, scaffold or seating facility

Can be used for a multitude of applications inc. broadcasting, sporting events, television, hospitality.

“Arena were approached by World Snooker to provide a VIP Suite at the UK Masters at the Alexandra Palace in January. This was a unique project for Arena and for World Snooker because the VIP Suite was to sit indoors and atop a 4.5m high scaffold grid and because World Snooker have never provided any such suite at any of their events before.

The Vista structure was a bespoke design both externally and internally, within the structure there was carpet; sofa’s; bar stools; bespoke handmade tables, bar and cabinets; banqueting area, bespoke lighting and graphics decorating the walls.

With only four days to build and fit-out the Suite and two days to break-down, the event presented a fantastic challenge for the team to deliver.  The World Snooker was a huge success, with on time delivery and expectations surpassed the client was very happy.”

Nick Wright Arena UK & E Project Manager - Structures

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