We were selected as a key supplier to install temporary structures on a heavily regulated and complex HS2 construction site in the centre of Birmingham adjacent to the main Network Rail line. The purpose was to provide weather protection and screening for a team of archaeologists to exhume and clear a graveyard that dated back to the 13th Century.

High Speed 2 (HS2) is a new planned high-speed railway in the United Kingdom helping to bridge the north-south divide. 345 miles of new high-speed track will connect the city centres of London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds.

Before they begin the work of building bridges, tunnels, tracks and stations, the largest archaeology programme ever undertaken in the UK will take place along the line of route. Over  1,000 archaeologists, bone specialists, scientists and conservators will be working on the sites until 2020.

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What we delivered

  • Temporary I-Novation structures of varying sizes joined together to form two clear span open spaces with an eave height of 7m
  • Total area of 5,700 m2
  • Hire duration one year
  • Install duration 5 weeks
  • Removal duration 3 weeks

“Our temporary structures provide a bespoke solution for any purpose, in this case providing weather protection and screening for excavation work for HS2 in Birmingham. This project is slightly different from our usual projects as the structure will be sitting in situ for one year whilst the excavation work is done. I-Novation provides a more permanent feeling structure perfect for this purpose.”

Nathan Pankhurst Arena UKE Project Director

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