For the third year in a row, we provided tenting and flooring solutions for the Norton Museum of Art’s annual gala event in West Palm Beach, Florida. This year was unique because the gala was a celebration of the grand opening of the new museum expansion and the retirement of the executive director. It was also double the size of previous years with 800 attendees seated for dinner and dancing.

The project was to convert the former office trailer lot into a high-end gala event space.

What we delivered

  • A large kitchen space to service 800 guests – 15m x 15m x 3.4m Structure
  • A walkway space from the museum to the main tent – 3m x 21m x 3m P7
  • An entrance tent – 10m x 10m x 4m Structure
  • Connector tents to all the ancillary tents
  • A space large enough to accommodate 800 guests, a 30’ x 40’ dance floor and a large stage for the band – 25m x 55m x 4m Clear Top Structure
  • A carpeted flooring system – Biljax subfloor with plywood top deck, Black carpet

“I wanted to write again and let you know what a pleasure it was to work with Arena on our events in South Florida this past month….I thoroughly enjoy working with Jane, as she gets it done, jumps in even when she doesn’t have to, and her honesty is was sets her apart.”

Drew Dedo Harbor Entertainment President

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