Storage, Warehousing & Drive-Thru Click & Collect Centres

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Storage & Warehousing

We can provide extra capacity temporary warehouse structures, with or without refrigeration.

Flexible in design, our modular temporary structures can be modified both in width and length and can be built on any hard surface without the need for foundations.  They can be supplied as free-standing storage or extensions to existing facilities.

If required, we can provide climate/temperature-controlled structures complete with cold rooms, available in a wide variety of sizes to suit your chilled storage requirements.

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Our structures are available to hire on a short term, rolling, or purchase basis.  Our extra capacity warehouse structures provide a cost-effective alternative to a permanent solution.

We own our own kit and employ crews who can deliver within 24 hours of confirmation anywhere in the UK.

The perfect solution for additional storage space.

Product Features
  • Alu Hall Structure
  • Modular product extendable in 5m lengths
  • HVAC to set temperature (Optional)
  • Installed within 24 hours of receiving confirmation
  • Can be installed on any hard/flat surface
  • Internal fluorescent tube lighting
  • Insulated wall paneling
  • Roof lining
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Rodent-proof
  • Perimeter fencing (optional)
  • Generator supply (if no hard power is available)

Drive-Thru Click & Collect Centres

Arena has created a purpose-built structure in an effort to encourage social-distancing and protect employees of businesses who are unable to self-quarantine. This is a way for the public to pick up essentials, such as groceries, medicine, and other essential items, whilst keeping themselves and workers safe and providing protection from the elements.

These structures can be modified, both in width and length, to accommodate any size footprint.  We can also supply fencing & barrier solutions to funnel car traffic.

Product Features
  • Hygienic
  • Quick delivery &construction time
  • Installed on any flat surface
  • Modular product extendable in 5m lengths
  • Reduce strain on home-delivery & store capacity
  • Encourages social distancing
  • Limits contact between customers & staff
  • HVAC to set temperature (Optional)
  • Perimeter fencing (optional)
  • Generator supply (if no hard power is available)
Why choose Arena?
Experience & Expertise

250 years of experience in temporary structures. We pride ourselves in our people, the foundation of our success

Premium Quality

Dedicated to delivering high quality elegant products, and a premium and personal client experience.

Arena Standard

Every temporary structure is designed and delivered to our distinctive high standard and is known as the 'Arena Standard'.

Safe Pair of Hands

All structures are ISO 9001 Certified

Easy & Quick Installation

We can have an emergency facility in place within 72 hours of confirmation.


A team of experienced, talented designers, project managers, and engineers will manage your project from concept through to completion.

Full Service Supplier

All of our kit sits in our UK hubs and is owned and maintained by us.

Nationwide Capability

Our services are available immediately anywhere in the UK.

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